Cemetery, Perpetual memorial, bone custody, tree burial, ossuary locker

Features of The Happy Temple Cemetery

What you need to apply
Seal (killer whale is not allowed)
Resident card (registered, copy not possible) is required.

*A burial permit (burial permit) is also required for the bone.
※ If you want to transfer the grave, you also need a "funeral permit" issued by the government office.

Cemetery for sale

Cemetery usage fee
*There is also a cemetery (pet co-funeral cemetery) where people and pets can enter together. If you are considering purchasing, please feel free to ask.

Joint(Eidai)Memorial tomb

Joint(Eidai)Memorial grave fee

The Crypt of the Temple of Happiness

Bone altar(Locker type)Features of

Bone altar(Deceased, etc.)

Bone altar(Deceased, etc.)Usage fee

Bone altar(Mizuko-sama)

Fee for use of Mizuko Bone Altar