Mizuko kuyo

   Mizuo is originally a person who protects the house and the family if it is enshrined correctly. In peace, please have a good relationship with Mizuo and spend healthy days.

For those who want to be offered a memorial service in a distance or secret
   If you are far away or have circumstances and want to provide water for children without being known to those around you, please click "[Water children's nourishing] for those who want to be offered in a distant and secret" below and look at the displayed page.

Why do you believe in Jizo?

Construction of stone mizuko jizo

Because it is a busy modern age, please leave it to the temple

I want to make the right memorial service every day. However, I'm busy with work, I don't know how to offer a memorial service ... And for those who are worried, we recommend a place tile memorial service. The tablets are placed in the main hall and offered daily. It is also a pleasure for mizuo that the memorial service does not burden everyone.

We will keep the secrets of the memorial servicers.

There are many people in this temple who want to "keep their names down and offer a secret memorial service" due to various circumstances. In such a case, "offering only the martial name without writing the name of the erector"" We will respond to your request. Please feel free to contact us.

New Water Children's Farm
*2.3 requires an annual memorial service fee. (A total of ¥36,000 will be a permanent memorial service.) )
※ With 1 jizo, you can memorial service up to 12 spirits.

For those who have a tablet [memorial service for each milestone]

Form of payment
I want to provide water for children, but I can't tell anyone by secret, and the cost is not enough ... For those who want to do so, we also accept consultations on splits, monthly payment, and other methods. If you can't come to the temple, you can transfer money. Don't worry, tell us about your situation.