The Story of the Happy Temple "The Story of Obon"

August 2006"The Story of Obon"

"Mr. Meren and his mother"

Buddha who opened Buddhism(Shaka)to your disciples.(Myeren)There is a person who is. Meren is a Shinto power by training.(Jintsu Ulyi)(Supernatural powers)It is a person who is praised as Shinto first in the person who obtained.

One day, Meren asked, "How is my mother who brought me up? I thought. I decided to use my divine power to find my mother.
Tendou(Ten-do)People(Ying)Ming-do(Gen-do)Shura(Shura)Way(How)Damn(Beanbag)Way(How)I visited, but I couldn't find my mother.
Then hell.(I'm singing.)When I visited her, her mother starved to death.(Brat)Way(How)I learned that I was in The flame comes out from an open mouth, the food eaten becomes a flame, and drinking water lives as the appearance of the demon which becomes hot water.
Meren was puzzled by the appearance. Why did the kind-hearted mother who prepared so much food and drink have to fall into the painful world of hunger? I decided to ask Buddha why.
The Buddha said, "Your mother was kind to you. However, your mother(Mako)I didn't do that. 」

One day, when Meren's mother was carrying food full of both hands, a monk asked, "Would you please give me something to eat?", and she said, "I don't have anything to give you because this is for you." Also, when Meren's mother had a big water bottle, the villager said, "It's hot and I'm going to fall down. Could you please divid the water in the bottle if you like? When I asked her, her mother said, "This is for me, so I have nothing to give you." After that, I threw away the food that I couldn't eat.
Meren's mother's heart is devoured.(Moutobo (disambiguation))Ly (number)(The Heart That Wants It)It was held by. Therefore, even if you want it, it will quench its thirst.(Ere)I fell into a starved path that I couldn't do.
Now, Meren still wanted to save her mother and asked Buddha how she could help her. "Do what your mother didn't do to others. I was told.

Meren immediately gathered monks, villagers, and Gods and Buddhas and added a lot of food and drink, and saw her mother climbing up to the heavens. Meren expressed joy with his body. The movement is transmitted as today's Bon Dance. In addition, meren's treatment was transmitted to Japan as a Obon event, and we be came to give it to our ancestors.

"It wasn't enough for Meren's mother."

In conclusion, what was not enough for Meren's mother was Fuse.(Fuse)(Fuse (a.m.))It is the heart of. When I say Fuse, I think of the things I give to monks, but that's just part of Fuse. Here's a wealthless(Mouta)The Seven(Thysse)I would like to introduce you to

[No goods](Mouta)The Seven(Thysse)

(1) Eyes(Gense)... They treat a person with a gentle look
(2) Wa-face(I don't know.)... She treats people with a smile.
(3) Word of speech(Gonjise)... They are treated with gentle language
(4) Body(Shinse)... Use your body to act for people.
(5) Minds(Shinse)... Let me express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.
(6) Floor seat(Shozase)... Give up your seat or place.
(7) Bosha-es(I'm not going to let you down.)... I'll let you stay free. Be kind to the people who came to visit you.

There is a cloth that can be made without goods or money. It is seven applications of no good fortune to move free of charge for a person. Isn't this story important to do something for others and help each other?