Request for donation of renovation of "grave visit rest area"

Thank you very much for visiting the Happiness Temple every day. This time, it was decided to renovate the rest area for visiting the grave. Throughout the four seasons, we would like to create an environment where everyone can visit comfortably.
The renovation and maintenance will cost 8.5 million. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could cooperate even a little.
Donation amount: 20,000 yen per unit

◎ If you would like to donate, please apply at the reception desk of Happiness Temple.
In addition, if you wish to make a transfer, please transfer to one of the following and let us know by phone.

Transfer to: Sanjusan Bank, Meiwa Branch, Ordinary 0694017, Dafushan Happiness Temple

Transfer address: Post office 00840-6-188211 Dafushan Happiness Temple

Donations are voluntary, but we hope that you will understand the significance of this project and your will. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Gassho
Abbot of the Great Buddha Mountain Happiness Temple
Nagata Miyama