Introduction of home monks

   Mizuko-sama is originally a person who protects the house and the family if it is enshrined correctly.

   Some people are worried that they will be jealous of a new life by praying for a safe delivery or visiting a shrine with children, but it's okay. Mizuko-sama will watch over you.

   Please feel free to visit our temple.

The origin of the funerals
In July 1982, it was established as a single temple of a non-denominated sect, and on November 19, 1983, it was approved by a religious corporation.
From April 4, 2016, the chief priest of Nimiura Taieji Temple, Nagata Denseyama, became the fourth president, and Taijiang Temple and this temple became a close-relationship temple.

Currently, while inheriting President Mae Kato's desire for Mizuko, we are working to become a temple that will be a peace of mind for many people by offering water and children's care, a mausoleum, various prayers, and memorial services.

Introduction of monks
[Chief priest] Nagata Mitsuyama (Tsuzan Agawa)

Deputy Chief Priest: Yoshiyuri Nagata (I want to be a long time old.)

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