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2019年7月3日 : 幸福寺の法話 「お盆のお話し」

2018On June 14. : Home page renewal notice

The origin of the funerals
And, with the cooperation of people who agree with 7/1982 on big Legislative Council and non-denominational, we have funerals as a single national Temple.
To 11/19/58 as a religious Corporation was the approval of the Governor. 4/4/2016 than rim even Futami Bay Kota mieji priest "Nagata mitsuyama" and no. 4's length, Futami Pujiang Futoshi Temple and Temple of happiness became a deep border Temple. The intent of the Kato of the Church, while Futoshi Temple and in cooperation with running the jingoji Temple rise for now.
Before Temple mizuko Kato President of peace of mind of the mizuko erosoku Memorial and General Cemetery Memorial, Memorial mementos to be committed.

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